Leg 2 - Cascais to Lagos

Lilli Mae
Wed 21 Aug 2019 13:44
20th August 19.
We made it to Lagos, Portugal
Quite a challenging 150 mile sail down from Cascais. The wind speed reached 36 knots and the sea state must have been swells of about 5 metres or more. In the night it is always a little more scary as we had to jibe the boat a couple of times in the big seas. Mike and I thought it was quite difficult but it was only when we got into Lagos and spoke with another boat who did the trip that we realised that others had thought they were really tough conditions. Thank goodness it was downwind sailing. Cannot begin to imagine what that would have been like going in the other direction.
So far we have sailed 500 miles from La Coruna to Lagos (approximately 83 hours of sailing) and only 17 with the engine on. Most of the 17 was done in Spain when we left La Coruna. Lilli Mae has had some really good sailing! Anyway we made it safely and now we are enjoying the heat in the Algarve. Man its hot!
We arrived quite early in the morning and the tide was too low for us to get into the marina. So we decided to wait a couple of before heading in. We anchored off the beach with all the other "smart yachts". James and I took the dinghy out for a spin and captured some pictures of Lilli Mae enjoying the sun.
Lilli Mae anchored off Lagos
Dinghy launched!
We are here for a day and then we head east to Villamoura, Portugal and the back to Spain (Ayemonte). Wind is going to be very light tomorrow (22nd August) so it looks as though we will be doing a lot of motoring!
Anyway, that's it for today.
Only 3765 more miles to Mo'Bay!
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