Lilli Mae - The Journey Home - End of the road!

Lilli Mae
Sun 29 Mar 2020 02:15
Hi Everyone, hope you are all OK and healthy.
Mike and my journey has come to the end. We have managed to get a flight back to "good 'ole Blighty"  tomorrow (Sunday 30th). Lilli Mae is booked on a vessel back to Southampton onto which she will be loaded sometime between the 12th and 18th April. Mike and I managed to get all the planning sorted last Tuesday (24th March). The only thing we had to do was to move Lilli Mae from the American Yacht Harbour, Red Hook to Crown Bay Marina in Charlotte-Amalie. Crown Bay is the place Lilli Mae will be loaded on to the boat MV Park heading for Holland and stopping in Southampton. We had pretty much been stuck in the American Yacht Harbour marina for over a week; we were almost the only people in the harbour. Charlotte-Amalie is only 12 miles from Red Hook but we decided to take the long way round. We sailed from Red hook to Coral Bay in St John and stayed overnight in Otter Bay. And then we sailed from the 19 miles to Charlotte-Amalie yesterday.
Our trip to Charlotte-Amalie via Coral Bay, St John.
Coral Bay, St John, USVI
Solitude - "Practising Social Distancing!"
Yes that is Lilli Mae in Otter Bay.
Flying the colours
Lilli Mae - Ready for her trip home
We had to tack all the way up to Coral Bay on Thursday. We found a mooring buoy which was completely isolated. It was so quiet with no boats around and only the wildlife noises. In the morning (Friday) we flew the drone and took some really great pictures.
Later on Friday morning we set-off for Crown Bay Marina. The winds were light and so we put the chute up. We managed to get the drone up as well and we got some really cool pictures whilst we were sailing to Crown Bay; and we managed to get the drone back on board! The picture "flying the colours" is how we imagined we would have arrived in Montego Bay Sad smile emoticon.
We got into Crown Bay Marina at about 4 PM and straight away we started getting Lilli Mae ready for her journey back to Southampton. We have now competed nearly all the prep and we will lock her up at about 1030 AM local time and leave her in hands on a local agent and the shipping company. Fingers crossed nothing goes wrong.
Well that's it. We are at the end of this journey. We did not finish the mission but it has been a trip of a life time. We are sad Lilli Mae did not make it home but we are happy that we will hopefully get an opportunity to retry the trip in a few years.
Mike and I hope that you are all keeping well and safe from what is going on in the world right now. We have been watching all the news from the UK whilst we have been "stuck" here and we think we are returning to a UK which is different to the one we left. We have got acclimatised to the 28 degree temperatures and we hear the weather forecast for the UK this weekend is cold and windy! That's going to hurt! But we are looking forward to getting home. We are flying from St Thomas to Newark nr New York which is bit worrying but we will need to be vigilant.
This will be the last update that the Lilli Mae crew will send. But if (....WHEN) we do restart the journey to Mo'Bay with Lilli Mae then we will start again.
Take care everyone. Keep your distance!
This is the crew of Lilli Mae signing off.