Lilli Mae - Rides Again - Found wind!

Lilli Mae
Mon 27 May 2024 15:03
It has been a frustrating couple of days. We anticipated motoring but we had hoped to have found consistent wind before now. However it does look as though we have got out of the wind hole (for the moment). Right now (Mon 27, 1326 UTC, 1426 UK time) we are sailing at between 8 and 9 knots in about 10-15 knots of wind from the SW. We are maintaining our easterly heading (as shown by our 18 and 36 hour estimated positions below) to stay in the best of the wind that we can see ahead.

We have covered a third of the total distance and a straight line to Horta is about 1,247 nm. We think we have another 7-8 days to our destination. We had a good night last night with plenty of consistent wind. We were moving at about 9 knots for most using our white sails.
Yesterday when we got a break from the torrential rain, we flew the parasailor with great effect. In very light winds we were able to keep Lilli Mae moving at between 6 and 7 knots. We were happy and so we had a celebratory spinnaker beer.


This is our 5th day at sea and we have had to use the engine to keep Lilli Mae moving. Last night and today we have had some squalls to deal with that despite not bringing too much wind they have brought enormous amounts of rain. Alan managed to capture a couple of cool pics.

Yesterday in between the rain and planning for wind and weather everyone has had their little projects.
Alan and Mike worked on a "make shift" gimbal; Alan was trying to capture time lapse video of the clouds. Rick has been working on new super-duper lures for catching fish. Both projects have yet to yield results!

We have attached the link to a tracker that lets you see where we are in a group of boats sailing to Horta.