Leg 1 - Day 2 in the Bay

Lilli Mae
Tue 9 Jul 2019 19:55
 Hi everyone, so we are well into our passage. It is very sunny and fortunately a calm sea. Last night was a bit bumpy and I admit to feeling a little unwell! We don't have wind at the moment so I am writing this note with Lilli Mae "naked" (no sails on!). We have had to motor quite a long way and I think we will be doing much more. We have done about 1/2 distance and we are estimating arrival early Thursday morning. I am now on watch! I don't have the midnight shift tonight. I am very happy about that.
I did try to send a message yesterday but it seems it did not get though to anyone. Yesterday's message had pictures in it. This time I am sending a message without pictures to see if it gets through. If it does (get to anyone) it would be good to know. You my already know but you can email to Lilli_Mae {CHANGE TO AT} mailasail {DOT} com and we will be able to get them. However you cannot send us long messages and big files. Hopefully I will get the "picture sending" issue sorted in the net few days so that we can send you views of what we are doing. Oh by the way we had a huge whale alongside us today. It was great! We have not seen anything else all day.....just the whale (and of course water!)
Anyway let us know if you get the messages. I will send another note tomorrow.
Howard and Michael
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