Leg 2 - "The Big Cruise" - La Coruna to Ayemonte - We are off!

Lilli Mae
Tue 13 Aug 2019 08:56
Hello everyone, crew on Lilli Mae reporting in.
Well we have now left La Coruna and just hoisted the flag for our arrival in Portugal.
We had a great sail down the coast with some really great wind. On occasions we were up to 10 knots (boat speed) and 25 knots of wind (or so Michael tells me!) but we survived. Now it is a beautiful sunny morning and we cruising with only 10 miles to go.
La Coruna was great. We flew in from Gatwick on Saturday (10th August) morning and some really ridiculous hour in the morning and arrived in Santiago de Compostella. Joan, James and I then took the taxi through the country roads to La Coruna and to the marina Real Club Nautico where Lilli Mae stayed for a few weeks.
Boys having fun in La Coruna
Arriving in Portugal
Here we are sailing in to Porto
We left our berth on the morning Monday (12th) August late went for fuel and then left Coruna late. Overall we left 3 hours later than planned. However we have gone a lot faster than we planned and so more than caught up for the late departure. We had to use the engine to get on our westerly heading. However as soon as we turned south the northerly trade wind kicked in. We have been sailing downwind for about 14 hours. Had to dodge quite a few fishing boats boats but not much.
Anyway just Joan, Mike and me on deck at the moment. James still in bed! Even hurricane winds during the night would not have woken him! I am of the opinion that he thinks he is on holiday!
Got to go. Will send a dispatch from Porto tomorrow.
Crew on Lilli Mae signing out for now.
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