Lilli Mae - On the way to Mo'Bay - Friday 2 December

Lilli Mae
Sat 3 Dec 2022 00:34
Hi Everyone, hope you are all well?
Thanks for all of your messages. It has been great getting feedback on our stories.

It is currently 2348 GMT (2148 ships time). It is a lovely evening but it has been dark for 3 hours. We have settled into our night watch pattern. Emily and Andrew are currently on watch. We just had radio contact with another sailing yacht called Sogeri and we agreed we (Lilli Mae) would alter our course to pass behind. We had been watching the radar and we did see his red navigation light.

This bit of excitement with yacht Sogeri was one of many things that we had going on today.

The first bit of excitement is that we passed the 1000 miles to go marker. The occasion warranted the full no 1 Lilli Mae uniform followed by beer shandy to celebrate (no honer rum tot today!). 1000 miles should take us 5.5 days sailing at just over 7 knots. However the wind has dropped and we are currently sailing at between 4-6 knots. Nevertheless we were happy to make it to the last 3rd of the journey. We have sailed over 1900 miles!

The other big news is that we broke the spinnaker and we had to lower it whilst it was still flying. You can see Andrew with the furler in his hand on the foredeck but the spinnaker fully flying in the background. It is a big powerful sail!

We managed to get it down safely and without more damage to the boat. It was a bit stressful and a situation that we had not experienced before but we worked as a team to get the problem under control.

So now we don’t have a spinnaker. But we do have another downwind sail; our Parasailor will be out tomorrow first thing in the morning. We lost more time wrestling the spinnaker to the deck and now we will use the Parasailor as a way of keeping our speed up in the situation where the wind speeds are low. 

There is a lot of weed out here. Andrew and Peter’s make-shift fishing lines have collected a lot of weed……but still no fish!

We are signing off for today; we are all in good spirits but a bit fatigued as a result of our exciting day today. Mike and Peter are already sleeping and resting for their upcoming watches. Mike’s watch is from 2300-0200, Pete’s from 0200-0500 and then Howard from 0500-0800. All of this is in ships time (currently GMT-2). Tomorrow we will cross longitude 45 deg west and we will need to change our clocks to GMT-3.

Talk with you soon,
All the best.

Crew aboard Lilli Mae

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