Lilli Mae, On the way home - Leg 4 - The Big One - Update 13th December 19

Lilli Mae
Fri 13 Dec 2019 15:10
Hi Everyone,
Hope all is well? For those of you in the UK I would guess you are either celebrating or not given the election results. Despite being 100's of miles offshore news travels fast.
Anyway we are now less than 300 miles from St Lucia and closing in fast. We have had more sail area up today than we have had for a few days. Our estimate of arrival is now not realistic and it will probably be more late Sunday or possibly early Monday we we do get in. We did have  g'n't to celebrate the less than 300 to go milestone today.
We had quite a frustrating day yesterday; the winds were light and then they dropped to nothing. For nearly 3 hours we "bimbled" around in the ocean not really knowing which way to go. Not quite sure what other crew members thought but there were times that use of the engine was the only way out; and then came along a "friendly" squall. The irony of course that for most of the trip they have been the enemy and in this case we need it to give us a boost. Pete and I were in the cockpit (Mike resting) and so we battened everything down and then waited. The squall must have taken us at least 3 miles and then left some wind behind so we could sail again.
Today as mentioned we have most of the sails up and the head sail poled out on the port side and the mainsail on the starboard. We have about 15 knots of wind and we are travelling quite fast which is great; about 7 knots. This morning we had some amazing clouds which also gave some wind. I have attached a couple of pictures so you can see what they looked like.
This mornings' view from the office window!
With clouds comes the wind
Safety conscious Lilli Mae crew member making baked beans?
We had quite a laugh yesterday evening thinking about our boat safety video production. We made video clips of "helpful" safety hints and tips; Here is me doing dinner with as much safety equipment I could find. Strapped to a burning stove but at least I have my life jacket on! "What's this you are cooking?" I hear you say. What about all these stir fry's, katsu curries you say you have been cooking? Well we had a day off from gourmet dining and eat beans with a "Spanish potatoe cheese thing" to end the day. We did have a quiet night and most people got some sleep.
With 300 to go I think it is now true that we would all now like to get there. There are signs of fatigue and I think that everyone is looking forward to a night of sleep in a relatively stationary position; notwithstanding the need for clothes washing and general boat tidy-up.
Anyway I think that is it for the moment. We will definitely send something when we get sight of land and then when we actually land. So we will be in contact.
In the meantime take care.
Crew aboard Lilli Mae