Lilli Mae - On the way to Mo'Bay - Monday 5th December

Lilli Mae
Mon 5 Dec 2022 09:37
We are now into week 3 of our passage. We have now been at sea for 15 days.

It was an eventful day yesterday!

We started by hoisting the parasailor but decided after an hour and less than 2 nautical miles that we would we needed to use the engine. Of course we could wait for the wind. However flights home and family rendezvous have been organised from around the 9th December. And of course there is the issue of food; we won’t starve but the vegetables and other fresh produce are now at the end of their lives and it is getting more difficult to keep the frozen and cold foods frozen and cold. In our initial planning we assumed we would be at sea for 18 days and arrive early 9th December. We currently estimate another 5 days at sea and an ETA in St Lucia of late on the 10th and this assumes we can keep Lilli Mae moving at just over 6 knots.

And so yesterday morning after all the rumination, procrastination and cogitation regarding our passage plan and before putting on the engine we went swimming…….

The water was great and the experience of being in the ocean so far offshore was surreal. It was surprising how fast the boat moved away whilst we were in the water!

Once everyone were back on board, Peter and Andrew put out their make shift fishing lines. Just to remind you the fishing score to-date was 8 caught, nil landed and a lot of malfunctioning fishing gear. To our complete surprise the trailed rope with fishing line worked and we landed a Mahi-Mahi.

We just about had enough potatoes, onions and peppers to make a good meal of it. We cracked open a bottle of chilled white wine and ate like royalty!

So what’s in store for today? Well who knows. It is currently 0910 UTC (0610 Lilli Mae time) and it is just getting light. Most all the crew are in bed. We are motoring directly to Rodney Bay at just over 6 knots. The wind looks as though it has picked up a little so there may be a chance of sailing today. We have 639 miles to run. We are carefully monitoring our fuel consumption; we believe we have sufficient to get in but we do need to sail some of the remainder to make sure. This is of course the case for the whole fleet.

Will update you in a couple of days.

Hope you are all well?
All the best, Crew on Lilli Mae

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