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Global Yacht Racing's EH01
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Mon 2 Dec 2013 18:17
(ARC day 8
Well yes we’ve been a bit quite here on EH01 this year, apart from ‘The confessions of Gareth’ (part 1) that is.
It’s been a fairly wet and strange ride so far, and whilst that may appeal to those of you who have, shall we say, more exotic tastes it is not what the ARC downwind, sunshine trade wind sail is all about, as I am reminded of almost daily by my lovely crew.
Still it looks like the wet stuff is mostly behind us now and we are slowly making our way westwards as the light breeze will allow.
Yesterday we caught our first fish, in fact that’s a lie as it was our 2nd, the first was too small so we put it back. This means of course that Fish Wars 13 have commenced and as we have returned bounty we are in the pink at 2 nil; get in!
Gareth was very keen hovering over the fish with the rather sharp knife we purchased in las Palmas, but luckily before he could start random stabbing Sergey our St Petersburg Russian took over and did a fine fillet job on the hapless Tuna.
Our crew of 1 Irishman, 1 Scotsman, 1 Australian, 1 Russian, 2 English and 1 lad from Manchester (a small country somewhere up north near Iceland) are all getting on well. We are running a rolling ‘mother’ watch so will by the end have had a chance to all sail in the same watch together which makes life a bit more interesting for all (except for those like the Russian and Aussie who don’t speak manchese....)
News from Northern Child and ElOcaso the two other PYR yachts in the ARC is good, a few hiccups as you would expect from an Atlantic crossing but otherwise all is well. Our on-board PYR trainee Oscar is doing well, we've had him on the foredeck and he’s been doing some good helming.
That's all for now, you’ll hear the news as it happens on the good ship EH.
S.V 'EH01'

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