Global Yacht Racing's EH01
Global Yacht Racing - sponsors: Caspian Services
Wed 26 Nov 2008 17:58
22:35.5N 19:45.9W
Hello from the crew (Dave, our manly sewmistress and his apprentices Trish &
Zoltan, Chris & Adrian the fishless fishermen, Marc & Sophia today's Gordon
Ramsey & Nigella Lawson (for the benefit of foreigners, these are famous UK
chefs), Peter aka Schumacher, Charles our statistician and not forgetting
skipper Adam the man in charge of this motley crew and Sam our first mate,
who smells a lot better now he's had a wash)!
Unlike our spinnaker, it's been a seamless journey over the last 24hrs..
sufficient wind to glide through the sea and some magical moments - notably
the nightwatches, which are magical enough with the twinkling and occasional
shooting stars and a wake of "fairy dust" (phosphorescents) trailing behind
us... but when dolphins appeared like torpedos careering through the water,
weaving in and out of each other, never colliding, leaving comet-like trails
of bright green phosphorescents behind them... now that was magical!!!
Scrambled eggs, onion and chorizo for breakfast kept spirits high until a
further culinary delight of chorizo, pears, pasta and couscous was served.
And while serving, shrieks of excitement came from the deck as a whale
loafed around only 100m away.
The sewing continues, repairing the 'minor' damage caused to the spinnaker
on night 1. (We have another one up before you start to worry we won't make
it to the other side before Christmas!). Charles has since calculated that
our maximum speed over any one hour in the whole trip was in fact the hour
prior to this incident and given the fact we all noticed the kite was
peppered with holes and weak seams during training, Sophia still maintains
you can't lay blame to the helmsman at the time! It's much more fun to
disagree with her though!
That's about it. This is Sophia reporting on behalf of crew EH01, somewhere
in between the Canaries and Cape Verde Islands. Tomorrow we will be letting
Dave loose on the net and we're hoping he's not a man of revenge...
Over and out.