Log Days 7/8/9 - Upwind.....

Global Yacht Racing's EH01
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Mon 29 Nov 2010 11:27
Its not pretty. We've been beating into 20 - 25 for too many days now, slow going and hard work on the crew and the boat. Wind isnt really the problem but sea state is poor.
The yacht looks a bit like the inside of a washing machine, moisture runninng down the bulkheads, damp clothes hanging on the grab rails and even though foulies are kept in the wet room the condensation on top of the wet gear coming below after watch means its not great down here. We had a bit of a scare last night, or was it yesterday? dunno bit of a blur...but we took a large green wave over the deck and the compaionway hatch couldnt cope. consequently being on port tack the nav station, laptop, plotter et al was liberally showered.
Still not sure what the long term effects will be (not good) but after some drying out and a hard reboot of the Raymarine we are up and running again. We've also tacked hence I'm using the PC!
On the upside, several months ago before this weather started we caught a fish! Yep you read that one right a real fish (Dorado) In fact we got two but poor old Will got the FEAR when he landed the first one and made us put it back as it was too small and we didnt have anything to have with it! He is now called Mr. Chips for obvious reasons. The second one (about the same size and shape) we battered until it submittted then had for dinner, yum! Since then of course its been the good old Be-Well pre cooked satches and thank you Ranulph.
Hopefully the wind is gonna ease a tad over the next 24hrs and we will be then into a lighter patch of reaching which builds before heading us again for more upwind work - joy!
No records this year but maybe we'll be in in by the 8th.
Nickname update:
Torben Sorenson is now 'The Torbenator'
Will as above 'Mr Chips'
I'm 'Lip Balm' (can't explain that one in front of Granny)
Micheal Douglas (no relation) is 'Nancy'
Magnus and Bev are 'George and Mildred' on account of them sharing a cabin and all that!
Thats about all for now. More later assuming the electronics withstand the salt infusion...
Andy (Lip Balm)