Wed 20th May

Global Yacht Racing's EH01
Global Yacht Racing - sponsors: Caspian Services
Wed 20 May 2009 23:17
So, I'm looking ahead at the second half of our passage. If the weather pattern plays out as predicted, then we should have strong following winds for the majority of the crossing. Looking at the chart, Canada is the closest land fall at the moment...depressing thought.
My early estimate at our time of arrival is friday 29th, but this is subject to don't count on it.
Early this morning there was not a breath of wind...the water was like a moving mirror, swelling evenly then receding. This brought out the turtles, even a dead one. The conditions were perfect to refuel the yacht from the extra we bought in jerry cans. We took a stock take of food...plenty and also of the water. I figure as of this morning we had used 240 litres. That works out at 3.4 litres per person per day or 17 litres in total...pretty good going. Our reward was the first shower for each of us in 14 days. A shave too and now I have a comedy 'tache which I might just keep. By my calculations we should have plenty of water to see us through.
Currently we have a full main sail and a poled out genoa....bullet proof til somebody rounds her up in to the breeze. So, I will sleep with one eye open and one foot in the cockpit.