Nearly there!

Global Yacht Racing's EH01
Global Yacht Racing - sponsors: Caspian Services
Thu 11 Dec 2008 22:28
Position 14:54N 57:21W
Well! Who would've thought a coat hanger and lashings of gaffer tape could be so instrumental in transporting 11 crazy crew 3000miles across the Atlantic Ocean? Astounding!
My words are chosen carefully here with "crazy" being a significantly operative word. You would agree if only you could bear witness to the pre 'power shower' activity and related frenzy of nakedness on deck, only to be met with - as is all too often the case - a feeble dribble... just enough to soap up... (it's the best gag of the heavens - funny every time for Him upstairs!) That said, there was a tremendous downpour after dark when those on watch were head to toe in oilskins (He's still laughing!).
There's a great feeling of excitement and a more concentrated craziness now as we approach the finish... With only 200 miles to go and with other boats more and more frequently appearing on the horizon, everything is pointing towards the finish. (Everything, that is, except us as a momentary glitch in Peter's concentration spins us round a full 180 to face, what could be, a long old haul back to Las Palmas!). It has been a long old journey - probably the longest any of us have ever been on or will ever take again. 20 days... that's about 5 days longer than most of us had mentally prepared for, and the resulting damage to mental health is becoming quite apparent!
We're looking forward to a more horizontal and static life to come in which one doesn't have to pee sideways, nor sleep gripping the side of the bed, nor cook, clean or wash up at ever shifting angles ranging from -45 to +45 degrees.
Hey, if you want to see something funny, it might be worth coming to St Lucia in the early hours of Saturday morning to watch the crew step off EH01 on to dry land. Could be entertaining...!
Sophia reporting on behalf of this crazy bunch and passing on best wishes to all family and friends. We're looking forward to being back in touch as soon as we can and hearing what's been going on in the big wide world out there.
Until then...!