Blog 5th Dec - Mast chocs and bad language

Global Yacht Racing's EH01
Global Yacht Racing - sponsors: Caspian Services
Sat 5 Dec 2009 19:56
Bloody things! mast chocs that is. Hours I've spent today banging the pesky things in to try and stop the mast movement, and no sooner do I finish than they start to work loose and fall out. Not ideal I suppose having to bang them in from underneath but I have no choice, still not long to go now so fingers crossed all holds up to the finish.
340 miles to go, finish ETA around lunchtime on Monday if all goes well. Its hard to tell from the info we are sent by ARC control where we are in class, and the relative positions of the other yacts change daily so we've given up speculating and will find out when we get in. Whatever the result it will be a great achievement for this crew with so little sailing experience amongst them.
Most talk now is on showers, beer, hotel rooms and air conditioning and I have to nag nag nag to ensure that actually sailing the yacht and finishing is still high up there on the agenda!!
Tha battle against chafe continues and we had the kite down twice today to patch a couple of small tears and re splice the guy twice; I've resorted to double sleaving the guy and adding hosepipe on top as the latest experiment, leather would be ideal but Dave wont give up his undies and I dont want to lose my gimp mask so we dont have any.