LOG DAY 8 - We (almost) got our knot back...

Global Yacht Racing's EH01
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Mon 28 Nov 2011 13:23
Yesterday (day) saw some pretty fine sailing. We finally managed to free ourseves of the pesky prop wrap (confirmed with use of camera strapped to boat hook over the side, got some awesome footage too) and we found that lost knot of speed we had been missing for nearly a week. What a differance it makes to be cruising at 8-9 kts and easily touching 10 and 11 with a little surf without trying compared to the previous few days with speed around 7 - 8 sometimes 9!
Its a bummer as this 'lost knot' equals something like 24 miles a day or a 125 miles over race so far; coincidentally near what we trail behind the leaders....yes I am going to claim this one!!

Yesterday night was a toughy though. winds averaged around 22 kts and regularly gusted up to 24/25 with a few peaks around 27 so hard work with the masthead kite up and full main, still, ground to make up and all that. After sailing through the 2nd squall line and with the 3rd on approach at around watch change (0530ships) we dropped the kite and went to poled No. 2 headsail and main. The squalls werent that bad, slight increase in wind but it was all over the place and huge amounts of concentration needed to go straight.
So thats us at the moment, 20 odd degrees of the rhumb line and doing around 8 to 9 kts without the kite. Not comfortable as we rock and roll around but safer.

Bucket karma to discuss now though. Jack the ships boy was scrubbing the cockpit yesterday and failed (miserably) to check hatches, therby dousing the 1st mate fast asleep in her bunk with a bucket of water. One very unhappy Bertie One Design I can tell you.
Still you would think this the fault of Jack the cabin boy NOT the bucket wouldnt you? Evidently the bucket didnt agree as it decided to commit suicide this morning,with the help of Jamie, by jumping over the side.
RIP one of our two rubberised and hugely expensive and important pieces of safety kit that doubled as showers, clothes washers and vom catchers.

Its been very quite on the fish war front as you may have noticed compred to previous years, however it appears as though we may be in a period of detente. Whilst the boat drew first blood with the very tasty dolphin fish we have had no luck since. We have however had at least 3 strikes but managed to retain the lure so I dont think Mr Fish can claim those ones. Manouvers continue and the gear is deployed but at this speed the best we can hope for is either something so large we cant land it or smaller fishes face...

Andy (skipper)