Sat 9th May

Global Yacht Racing's EH01
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Sat 9 May 2009 12:42
25:13.164N 063:23.921W

We are well under way now, averaging 212 miles per 24 hours. This should slow a little in the next couple of days as the Azores High moves westward and the wind eases off. I think we have stayed far enough west to just about keep some wind and keep progressing north until the wind veers behind us. Then we can turn more easterly toward Europe on a broadreach and then we will be in spinnaker country.
Yesterday afternoon we had P42 the GYR Pronavia 42 about half mile ahead of us when we saw a whale breach to port of her. I think it must have been behind her, between the two boats because Flav on P42 saw nothing.
Another or the same whalethen breached on the other side of her. Now I have seen whales breach before and even at this distance these were huge. I thought to myself...I don't want them breaching near us. I admit I was a little anxious about it for a while.
Only 3183 miles to the Needles.