Thur 7th Leaving and first night

Global Yacht Racing's EH01
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Thu 7 May 2009 15:24
19:11.84N 062:36.99W

On tuesday, we finally finished stowing all the food that had arrived on
monday night, shortly after I arrived in Antigua myself. I did'nt really
help stow it as I'd had a couple of beers and was jetlagged.
Tuesday was also a day of tidying up loose ends and jobs on the yacht prior
to departure. Buying fresh fruit and veg which had not been bought yet, the
other boat P42 opted not to get any...ouch!
After one last visit to The Mad Mongoose in English Harbour on tuesday night
we departed on wednesday. There's been much rumour and conjecture about
what the weather will and will not do. Somebody mention 45 knots of breeze
in Saint Maarten about 100 miles north of us. Some yachts are talking about
waiting for a 'weather window' on Saturday...let me tell you, the weather
reports said 20 knots from the east and they were right. Dophins came to see us off as we left English Harbour..a verygood sign. So we are now
reaching with 2 reefs in the main and a number 4 jib which actually looks
like a number 3 and we are eating up the miles. This is fantastic..the
fastest point of sail, some great weather, better breeze...I'm loving it
except for my badly sun-burned neck...ouch!
Sadly, some of the crew are not loving it, but we all get sea sick or will
eventually and they will get over it and start having a great time too.
We've covered approx.150 miles from Antigua, hit 13 knots surfing and are
averaging 9 knots of boat speed. At this rate we will start having 200 +
mile days and will be turning right toward Europe in about 4 days.
I'm gonna go and drive the boat some more.