LOG DAY 16 - Still becalmed

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Tue 6 Dec 2011 16:58
Question: What can be more frustrating after sailing 3200 nautical miles with just around 70 to go to the finish than to be stuck bobbing around with absolutely no wind, going nowhere. Sails flaping around against the rig, boat rocking side to side in the swell and the sea a mirror glassy finish reflecting the baking sun?
Answer: Nada.

All credit to the crew who seem to be taking this very well, nary a mention of the iron topsail yet uttered (engine to you) just sleeping, playing backgammon and sunbathing.
Top credit to Bertie who has worked hard to get the boat moving. Anyone who knows me will know I am not the worlds best light winds sailor, something to do with having sailing tourets I reckon. Hence I am typing this as I cant stand being on deck watching the remaing useful time being flogged off my sails.

ETA now looking like Wednesdy evening, 5th and 6th places out of reach as is 7th I think and npw back in 8th. Still it could be worse...umm well we could be 700 miles away for a start.

Seems the biggest issue the guys have is that their wives are wooping it up in the St Lucian nightclubs and melting the credit cards at the beach bars; go ladies go!
I guess I may also break with tradition by having a shave before the finish line, its driving me mad and will save time upon touching the dock to getting to the bar. In fact I'll need to work out if we have a long enough mooring line so that I can tie one end of to the stern cleat then as we nudge the dock jump off the boat and run line f**ck with the other end to the bar and lash it to a bar stool as I order 'several' ice cold skooners. Doubt that one will get into the RYA manual and Tom Cunliffe cerainly won't approve but Captain Ron would.

I guess I may need to venture on deck as we ae heading for Barbados again...


Andy (skipper, semi retired)

PS: YAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 5kts of wind and sailing the right way at3 kts!