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Sat 26 Nov 2011 17:56
Saturday 27th November
Dear all, in the cockpit are Al, Jamie, Phil, Neil and Dave (Wayne Sleeping)
We have now been going for over a week and a week that has proved to be a
big learning curve for all concerned. When we set off from Las Palmas
nursing 4 day hangovers there was an air of antispation and unfortunately
vomit. For many of us this has been trip we have been longing to do for many
years and now that it was actually happening, was it going to live up to all
our expections? Well it certainly has so far.
It has taken most of the week for us to get to grip with sailing 24/7 and
all that entails. We are on 4 hour watches in the day and 3 hour watches at
night which means that you actually don't get much sleep as there is always
something happening on board. There is also mother watch we all take turns
doing which is cleaning the heads, cleaning the galley, cooking and washing
up. The most difficult thing we have had to encounter is helming on night
watch, with cloud cover, high seas and no moon. This can only be liken to
driving a bus down a mountain pass with no brakes or headlights. Not for the
faint hearted and unfortunately it has already cost us one spinnaker.
Having said all that, we are having a truly fantastic time, morale is high
and we are looking forward to a thousand beers in St Lucia which will
hopefully be before the 6th December on current form.
What is for sure is that this ain't no "Booze Cruise" and come the end of
next week, Andy and Bertie with their new crew will be fully focused and
determined to push on at all costs for a good finish.
So yo ho ho and a bottle of sprite. One week no booze and still feel shite!
Love and best wishes to all and see you on our return.
Al and crew