Thurs 21st May

Global Yacht Racing's EH01
Global Yacht Racing - sponsors: Caspian Services
Thu 21 May 2009 10:03
Now this more like it! We've finally picked up the long promised for south westerlies and are running before them. Matt had the boat surfing at 17 knots down what look like 12 ft seas this morning. Its like driving a bus at 100 miles per hour with no brakes. Everybody's queueing up for a drive...including me. When you catch the wave coming from behind you just right, the yacht lifts from the water and then the bow dips as the wave passes under and the yacht just accelerates....the adrenaline is pumping. I can hear them on the helm now, whooping and hollering. I havn't had the latest weather update today yet but I'm hoping to carry this wind for a few more days yet and eat up some of the miles.