LOG DAY 16 - Almost there!

Global Yacht Racing's EH01
Global Yacht Racing - sponsors: Caspian Services
Wed 7 Dec 2011 12:14
Its still day 16 until 1200 ish so we should in theory finish in day 16.
It was a clost run thing as to wether we finished this crossing under sail and racing or under power retired. Last night things came to a head around 2000hs after a day of bobbing around in the sweltering sun, sails crashing side to side and absolutely zero wind when all but 1 of the crew wanted to turn on the engine and head for St Lucia.

Jamie called for a postponement until midnight on that decision and it turned out to be a very good call. My watch re set sails (yes all were down due to flogging) and made the atempt to get her moving in 2 kts of wind. Over the next few hours we made some progress and around midnight were set the masthead kite and started to chew into the remaining 55 miles.

Its unusual for me as skipper to entertain the option of retirement from a race for anything other than severe damage or not enough time to actually get the job done. However this particular race has been a slightly different experience in so far as the '6 Mates from Manchester' chartered EH01 for the ARC crossing 2011 and therefore the dynamic has been slightly different in so far as how the boat has been run.
I think it goes without saying that as we approach Pidgeon Island and the end of the voyage they are all really glad we didnt quit.

This may well be the last blog for this years ARC 2011 race so a really big congratulations to the '6 Mates from Manchester' who are Al, Phil, Dave, Neil, Wayne and Jamie; well done lads, you did it, you sailed accross the Atlantic!

We ate well, fished badly and sailed it somewhere in the middle!!

Thanks also to Bertie, not the easiest of crossings either of us has had to date but made better by her hard work and friendly smile each day.

Right then, back on deck and lets turn the corner for Rodney Bay, its VDT so JFDI!

Cheers all, follow EH01 on her next adventure the RORC Caribbean 600 race in February, details of how to join are on the website www.globalyachtracing.com

Andy (skipper - very thirsty)