Global Yacht Racing's EH01
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Mon 10 Nov 2008 16:51

It is a love.hate relationship that I am having with wind on this trip -
sadly there only appears to be wind left in two sizes - extra large and
small, no medium! If we are not being thrown around in 30-35 knots then we
are motoring through a wind hole of 1 knot! It is incredibly frustrating.

So here we are at the start of day two just off the north west Moroccan
coast in a wind hole! The sun was out thankfully and the crew smiling.

As the day progressed slowly the wind built and we managed to sail for some hours which was
wonderful however I awoke to the sound of flapping sails and a wind speed once more of
2 knots. Another 24 hours of this and we should be clear of the light stuff though. The weather
files that I receive on board look promising from tomorrow evening onwards. Hurray!

We have been a busy little ship today with various workshops going on around the boat to include
a fishing lesson, a diesel engine course, a medical examination and a celestial navigation class which I
held in the saloon. You see, ocean sailing is full of little adventures!

So to the subject of food once more and it is thai chicken curry tonight. It is not my turn in the galley
but it sounds lovely.

I am sorry to have to report that the "feet" are back - the smell fills the saloon area down below making
normal breathing a hazardous activity. Thankfully, and rather selfishly, when the feet are let loose from
their boots my watch are normally on deck. When I do have to pop down below to make a navigational
check I have resorted to an activity I took too whilst travelling in the beautiful but nasally challenging
country of India - breathing through the mouth only! Much safer!

On that note I am off in search of clean air!

Em Pontin
Skipper - EH01