Day 5 Blog

Global Yacht Racing's EH01
Global Yacht Racing - sponsors: Caspian Services
Fri 28 Nov 2008 15:28
Position 17:48N 22:21W
Hi Bloggers!
Dave reporting for the crew of EH01. A day late but a lot has happened so read on!
Since last blog the crew has settled nicely into the trip. More nightime/daytime dolphins, no doubt drawn in by Chris' sailing based musical playlist. Fishing lines are set and Peter has already tried to pass off a dead flying fish found on deck, as "catch of the day"!. A battery failure caused us to contact the AA (yacht "Magic Pelagic") for a "jump start" only to find that the 1km long jump leads had been left on the dock! Thus, flat battery and nervous looking Skipper are set adrift in an open boat to remedy the situation (and to give crew access to the Skippers fruit cake.......thanks Adams stepmum). Battery situation resolved with Skipper offboard, but Spinnaker pole broken (Skipper onboard!). Repairs are currently underway using 2 toilet roll centres and some sticky-backed plastic (although we are still looking for an adult to help us use the scissors......Adrian will probably have to do!)Shoals of flying fish are definitely todays favourite. Zoltan and Trish are the new King and Queen of Spinnaker yet unfinished due to lack of interest! , whereas I am transferring my sewing skills to knitting crew sweaters with the spinnaker wool.
Lastly, well done to first mate sam for supervising yesterdays operation whilst Adam was offboard having G&T's and canapes.
Oh, and as Sophia was heard singing on this mornings "dog" watch (2-5am), we're expecting rain later! ....oh dear.
Dave signing off on behalf of the crew of EH01.