Blog 7th Dec - Almost there!

Global Yacht Racing's EH01
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Mon 7 Dec 2009 11:52
We cant yet see it but its only 29 miles away (the corner of St Lucia we have to round).
We had a busy night with strong winds of 25+ and large swell as well as many ominous clouds to dodge so we are all a bit tired today.
A few more yachts have started to appear on the horizon as we close the finish way point and it looks like one more gybe, a kite drop and short beat will see us to the fininsh line; lets hope the crew can remember how to sail upwind and tack!
The fishing has ended in disgrace I'm afraid. Another lure went yesterday so its fish 8 (or 9 I've lost count) and boat 1; pathetic! We discussed the merits of hand grenade or TNT fishing yesterday and whilst effective collecting the catch may prove difficult. Still, Paul thinks there may be a magazine for it.....
I will endevour to write once more after we finish and have 'refreshed' ourselves, meanwhile we're still racing!