LOG DAY 13 - Fish attack!

Global Yacht Racing's EH01
Global Yacht Racing - sponsors: Caspian Services
Fri 2 Dec 2011 22:23
In a suprising turn of events in the ongoing fish wars, it appear the fish
have raised the bar and adopted a new and fresh aggressive stance in the
Recent days had seen the fish claim numerous smaller victories with the
taking of lures without even granting the boat the satisfaction of some fish
lips or the odd aquatic face. However at dusk yesterday (almost certainly
day 12) they struck a devasting blow. The rod bent dramatically and the reel
whizzed violently as the break squeeled for purchase. Jamie leapt to the
attack and grabbed the rod which by now was bent at an alarming angle. No
use; despite heavy use of the reel-break the fish (we believe it to be a
very large and pissed off sword fish) was having none of it, we couldnt hold
it and just as the reel started to smoke the 300lb line snapped! the rod
twanged back smacking Jamie in the mush and cutting his forehead open and
the 100's of metres of line whiplashed onto the back deck and around the
spinning wind genny - SMACK DOWN!
Now, its unclear on board if todays reluctance to fish was due to (as
stated) to 'too much boat speed' or the big fear that further sectarian
reprisals and attempted damage to infrastructure will continue, only time
will tell if the boat has lost its bottle or a late come back will be in
Oh and we have around 588 nm to go to St Lucia, which according to Bertie is
(or was earlier) 82,507 boat lengths; every surf we do brings us closer to
the beer!
Andy (skipper)