LOG DAY 3 - Fish:0- EH01:1

Global Yacht Racing's EH01
Global Yacht Racing - sponsors: Caspian Services
Tue 22 Nov 2011 09:49
Morning of day 3 onboard EH01 and we have our first fish! a rather large Wahi Wahi is currently being chopped upon the back deck by the boys. Skipper landed it using his superior fishing skill and knowledge (bulls**t) but can't watch the bloodshed!
Life on board is settling in well, everyone is still a bit tired as the watches take time to adjust and we slowly catch up on sleep. Weather has so far been good, not quite the wind direction to suite but close enough so we've been gybing downwind making our way towards the mystical 20 degree North turning point. We are currently on starboard gybe with a poled out No. 2, wind was over 20kts so still being cautious!
Andy (skipper)