Blog 6th Dec - time zones

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Sun 6 Dec 2009 12:48
Gybed back onto starboard this morning at 0600 ships time.Barring any dodgy weather or shifts it should be a run into home from here. The forecast is for the odd thunderstorm though with associated gusts of 40+ so we'll see! (Thats 40kts as forecast not 40kts Raymarine reading which would be about 25kts for all you 'gale force' sailors out there)

I mentioned ships time earlier, as most of you know heading west means crossing time zones and its no different on board, just slower. So as we have progressed west we have periodically adjusted our clocks back an hour every few days so we are now on local time (St Lucia) All except me that is as I keep both GMT (UT for the non patriotic) and ships time, so more often than not I dont know if its lunchtime or breakfast or in fact what day of the week it is! Usually this means that when it gets dark I retire to my stateroom, switch on the aircon and settle down with a cool G&T to watch a couple of DVD's on the flatscreen, emerging periodically to hammer the bloody wedges back into the rig and moan at the crew for being off course!

Its a nice fantasy anyway; well the aircon, DVD, G&T bit is.....

Ive been quite about it but its still fish 8 boat 1 with three lures left and two traces. Dave has to be nagged to trawl these days and it also appears as if "we have the wrong lures" and "the rod isnt big enough" (I loved that one) "We're going too fast" (possible) and "There are no fish, they're all dead from global warming and overfishing" (my favourite) With 200 NM to go we have to get something surely? Either way I would be very suspicious of photo's with Sweet watch brandishing rod and gigantic tuna when they get home, the word is photoshop.

Avidly awaiting position updates now to see where we are despite earlier saying I would wait until we got in.

Well thats it for now, I'm back on deck to re splice the guy yet one more time....