Attacked! 36:33.7N 13:48.2E

Global Yacht Racing's EH01
Global Yacht Racing - sponsors: Caspian Services
Tue 28 Oct 2008 01:48
Position: 36:33.7N 013:48.2E

"Valetta Port Authority, Valetta Port Authority - this is EH01 EH01
Request permission to leave the harbour, over"

"Hay-low Meez!? Wa tcho wan leave port?"

"Sorry Sir, please repeat, over"

"Wa tcho wan leave port? You leave today?"

After first establishing that Valetta Port Authority had not yet learnt the english for "why" and "when" we continued along this line of questioning with each question beginning with "wa" and revealed to the Authority various facts to include the length of our vessel, the number of persons on board, our final destination and our departure time - now!

With all this information delivered safely and approved we made a bee line for the gap in the break water, via an extremely busy float plane runway, and out to sea. Phew!

So as my crew settled in to life on the water once more, we hoisted the main sail, adapted the deck for short handed sailing in an attempt to make our lives easier once under way and in the dark and put the kettle on - a very important part of yacht etiquette. We sat and watched the beautiful orange sun set and talked of the trip and our plans to accommodate the arrival of a rather unpleasant and feisty weather front. With the wind speed at 3 knots in our current location it was difficult to imagine the incoming gale.

Nighttime arrived and one watch pottered off deck for an early snooze, to be woken again in three hours time at 2200 hours. I remained on deck surveying the horizon and the sky - a beautiful clear night with very bright stars and not a ship in sight - a perfect start.

Chicken curry was beginning to make it's presence known from down below, I was on the helm alone and running various thoughts through my mind when I was viciously attacked! An enormous bird with a wind span at least the size of Malta!!!!! suddenly appeared in my vision, flew down the length of the boat towards me and brushed past my cheek and landed rather elegantly on our stern. After much hysterics and arm flapping from me the little creature shot of the back with the help of my elbow and into the water! No free rides on this boat buddy!

So with a watch change effected and the navigational details confirmed I handed over the boat to the new watch - and so to bed!

Em - Skipper - EH01