Log day 18 - Nearly there...ARC 2010

Global Yacht Racing's EH01
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Sat 11 Dec 2010 01:26
Its 1450 ships time now so 1750 GMT. We have had the (last) fractional kite
up most of the day now and making good speeds. I got a sweet 16kts surf but
still lag behind The Torbenator with his 16.3...hard to compete with a
machine though!
News from ARC central is we are now 1st in class so we are pretty happy
about that but of course nervous now that we f*~k it up and loose it!

ETA is around midnight to the waypoint then a little after that to the
finish so we just have to keep sailing as fast as we can and not break

Just in case this ends up being the last log forthe ARC 2010 as we may be a
bit too excited not too mention busy later, I would like to thank ALL the
crew for being awesome. Its been a tough old trip and they have all dug deep
and done their very best in difficult conditions. Add to this the great
sense of 'team' on board and also that we have not (to my knowledge) had a
crossed word said by anyone too or about anyone. Except maybe for the
skipper who has been known to wantonly strew epithets around as is his

A big shout out to Will Robinson my 2iC (1st Mate) who has been superb. I'll
sail with him anytime.

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Cheers ALL!

Andy - Chapstick or was it Lip Balm?