Log day 11 - kite up!

Global Yacht Racing's EH01
Global Yacht Racing - sponsors: Caspian Services
Wed 1 Dec 2010 16:00
Yep the kite is up at last. After a slow night of 2 -3 knots of wind and struggling to make headway we got the masthead 0.75 up at 0600 UT then swapped down to the fractional after lunch as the wind freshened. We're reaching so only just carrying the kite but at least its up and for the frst time in a few hours we are going fast(ish) in the right direction.
Our current ranking is 2nd in division so moral is good on board, we are all keen of course to hold onto this position and try to better it. Much of that rests in the hands of the weather gods as we've made our bed so to speak with regard to our position on the race course.
Talk on board is already on shoreside food and drink, like guys chill out we have at least 5 to 7 days left to go! Still thats better than the intense 'geo political' on watch discussions we have had between The Torbenator and Roly Poly, one Dane and one Yank who both believe in their systems. The Brits, myelf included, just took the piss and disagreed with both sides on wide ranging issues such as free health care VS health insurance (UK has both of course, well if you can afford it you do otherwise its the healthcare/postcard lottery) and taxes on fuel, carbon debt, big cars etc etc. Not sure who one that one but the Americans do have more nuclear weapons so I think they got it. Tonight its religion, one of my favourites, so looking forward to adding my honed and incisive opinion on that subject. Of course if I get bored I'll cut to the chase with the usual "its all bollocks" statement.
Thats about all for now, really looking forward to another upwind session in 48 hours and secure in the knowledge that the beer is tasting better every day in St Lucia.

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