blog day 2 Caribbean 600

Global Yacht Racing's EH01
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Tue 21 Feb 2012 08:58
Its 5AM and we reaching along the coast of St Kitts right now after a busy first day and night. We had a shocker of a start after a late decision to change from the No1 medium down to the No2 at the 10 minute signal. No drama usually but then an issue with the foil meant the No 2 pulled out halfway up and went for a swim so we crossed the line a good few minutes behind the fleet. Since then we have had loads of varied and interesting sailing with some light winds and many many sail changes. In fact I cant remember how many times weve gone from masthead kite to No1 then 2 then back to kite; its not been boring!
The sky seems to be clearing a bit now after the latest round of squalls and the stars are out in force making a beautiful night.Oh and I have shorts and a T shirt on with a light spray jacket....we love Caribbean sailing!
Andy (skipper)