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Global Yacht Racing's EH01
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Wed 30 Nov 2011 17:02
Crew Blog.

Day 10 on the Big Brother Boat and :
Dave and Al are getting to know their new friends. Dave is in the zone on the helm for B Watch, and Al has just cooked a sensational omlette for each of us, ably assisted by his sous-chefs Jamie and Wayne.
To the relief of all crew, the first mate has not been sent up the mast again. To celebrate, we are promised cashews with our apertifs. (Folllow Bertie on Twitter @whereisbert).
Skip is being driven mad by panacotta: "Is is bread or cake ? I have to know!"
Wayne's satellite phone has proved invaluable for keeping us up to date with X Factor evictions and football scores :-(
We are running low on fresh food but Jamie and Dave still manage to produce great lunch wraps and sandwiches. On the dinner front the Wayfarer chicken tikka masala was a great hit. Still no more fish, although yesterday one took the hook and all the line from the reel.
Having seen many dolphins earlier, we are still hoping to spot a whale.
We are on the home leg now with just over 1,000 nautical miles to go. Maintaining s steady 8-9 knots with max 14 (Birdy). Swells can reach around 3-4m which makes steering interesting.
According to the Skipper we could reach St. Lucia by late Monday - but this may be a bluff as we are about to run a sweepstake.
The night driving has become easier as we rely on what Wayne calls "raw talent" rather than stars and numbers ("very raw" says Skip).
Driving with the spinnaker up remains a chalLenge for some, thOugh we are all improVing. our mascot fluffy is the currEnt leader.
this is a greaT experience,but we are missing yOu gUys and starting to look forward to the finish - Warning - Do not stand anywhere between the boat and the nearest bar!

Ciao and panaCotta to all,
the Neil & the Crew of EH01