Rainclouds and Rainbows!

Global Yacht Racing's EH01
Global Yacht Racing - sponsors: Caspian Services
Wed 5 Nov 2008 14:49
Wow! Mother nature can be quite spectacular when she feels in the mood!

We have spent the past 8 hours dodging lightening storms the likes of which I have never seen before. We were all convinced that we would be the target for God's firesticks as had been the case during the Middle Sea Race for our little ship but we managed to weave our way through uneventfully. However, I personally have never been so wet in all my life - except in a bath! The heavens just opened and with raindrops the size of golf balls Sabrina and I were absolutely soaked. Some would say it was just desserts as the other watch had time and time again received a similar soaking at each watch change which Sabs and I found highly amusing but deep down were just counting the hours until we were hit and frankly, it came with such force.

Dawn and the sea was a beautiful deep blue black colour with rolling waves propelling us forward whilst above the skies were a heady mixture of heavy rain clouds with brilliant rays of sun peeping through and with sun and rain combined comes the rainbow - a stunning full arch with all the colours intensely brilliantly almost unnaturally bright and our course to steer had us passing directly beneath the arch - a truly magnificent sight and one of the reasons I go to sea.

With the wind dying once again we found ourselves motoring and so altered our plans and headed for Cartegena where we would have a quick stop to refuel. Our other yacht, P42, had arrived 18 hours earlier and had spent the day drying out. They very kindly collected our lines as we headed straight for the fuel pontoon on our arrival at 0530 hours. Once alongside our berth it was time for a quick cup of tea as the temperatures were still a stunning freezing - personally I have been warmer on a ski slope than in the Med!

With a departure time of noon and therefore only 6 hours to grab a quick snooze and boat check/clean - refill the water tanks, check our engine and clean the heads and galley - we depart for our bunks for a quick but desparately needed 3 hours sleep.

Em Pontin
Skipper -EH01