Log Day 2 - hanging onto the wind

Global Yacht Racing's EH01
Global Yacht Racing - sponsors: Caspian Services
Mon 22 Nov 2010 09:03
So far so good onboard EH01 Global Yacht Racing's entry into the 25th ARC 2010. The last week has been hectic, there is always too much to do with with yacht preparation; fixing stuff, buying mountains of food and topping up water, gas and fuel, not too mention the odd social event attended.

With a light(ish) forecast for the first few days there was much speculation about route, ie straight for St Lucia or head south and try to find the trades through the lighter stuff. In the end we chse the southerly option; mainly because the net bag containg the 3 tonnes of oranges probably wouldnt have made it through a 25
knot beat to windward.

So far we have had a good breeze, 15 to 18 knots from the NE and occasionally dropping to 12 or up to 20. Speed has been good with a regular 7.5 to 8 knots and its warm. The last weather update we got showed a lighter patch ahead but we'll know more in a few hours when we download the latest.

No fishing as of yet (I'm concerned as we dont have a huge amount of lures and after last years debacle we will run out real fast if not careful) but I imagine the guys will be going for it as soon as the initial excitement and tiredness of the first night at sea has worn off.

There is a dodgy smell of feet already down below, so a foot wash in a bucket of old briney may not be a bad idea for some of the young wippasnappers we have on the crew.

And the crew are (not all wippasnappers...)

Andy Middleton (skipper) - UK
Will Robinson (danger!) - UK
Magnus Nylen - Sweden
Micheal Douglas (no relation) - UK
Misa Dzoljic - Netherlands/Croatia
Beverley England - UK
Mick Goodall - France/UK
Alex Bishop - UK
Torben Sorenson - Denmark
Ben Burgess (Rolly) - USA

As always a great international line-up, and I'll post more titbits and nickname updates as they are earned.

Thats all for now.