LOG DAY 8 - Message from the crew

Global Yacht Racing's EH01
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Mon 28 Nov 2011 20:03
Crew Log Day 9 Monday
Bit of a rough night with winds gusting to 27 knot so the srinaker had to come down about 05.30 am. All hands on deck!!!!
The saddest thing was that Jamies budgie smugglers were lost overboard having been blown off the guard rail. Much relief to the rest of the crew.
We are now over half way to St Lucia 7 would have been further up the field if we had not had an obstuction on the prop which we estmate cost us 150 miles. This has now cleared itself so onwards & upwards. We are about as far away from any land as is possible.
Whilst washing each other down Jamie & Al lost the skippers best bucket so we are now down to one bucket for early morning showers & it has to be treated with the utmost caution
Yesterday we cerimoniously despatched the 30 euroserrano ham shank which nobody could cut & was begining to hum
Its great having Neal on board as everybody is getting free advice as he helms the boat on A watch through gusty conditions whilst Dave & Phil sunbathe
B watch which comprises of Al Jamie & Wayne have proved to be masterchefs & Al,s curry porridge is proving very popular.One of the most difficult decisions each day is determining the menu & some extravagent creations have been made but overall the food is very good.
Everybody has settled into the watch system but it is sometimes difficult forcing yourself to et up in the middle of the night having had only 2 1/2 hours sleep. The afternoon is the only time the watches spend some time together. The rest of the time it is just a cursory greeting as watches are changed.
No one appears to have the DT,s from no alcohol but everybody (except Dave who is definately going on the waggon) is looking forward to the bars in St Lucia
Today we are starting a sweepstake as to our arrival & this will be updated on a daily basis
Finally the previous night Jamie was hit by a Kamikaze flying fish which is only the second fish weve caught.A monster has just taken the line & bait in one hit
Everybody,s missing their families & friends. Best wishes to all
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