Blog 3rd Dec - Broach!

Global Yacht Racing's EH01
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Thu 3 Dec 2009 16:11
Hi All
We've had some torrential rain out here which has made life interesting as
these rain clouds can often have squalls with them up to 50kts. So when it
looks like your gonna get nailed its kite down, reefs in etc (this also
involves me having to get up so never a good thing).
So far we have only got wet with a small increase in wind, however we got
nailed this morning with the kite up and had our first broach. Dude watch
did well
getting the kite down in record time with no damage to any gear. It didnt
look like much this squall, not a particularly black cloud but we could see
the rain and it was moving fast so there's a lesson learned there. Gave the
off watch guys something to think about too; namely dont forget to tighten
your lee cloth when you get in your bunk!
We have also discovered movement in the rig where it goes through the deck,
looks like the mast collar has risen up. I cant do much about this out here
so I cut down soft wooden bungs and chocked it up from below as best I can,
but much else will have to wait until we get to St Lucia.
Anyway the kite is back up and we are makiung the best time we can in the
light conditions, and expecting the trades to kick back in over the next few
The fishing saga continues; wilst Dave was winding in the gear at sunset
last night he managed to hook a fish! Well to be precise the poor fish just
happened to be swimming by as the hook went flashing by and got it in the
eyeball! After much debate (even though the fish remains unidentified and
uneaten and in fact quite small) we have decided to count it so its fish 7
boat 1 yeehaha!! Watch out all fish, warning! warning!! the end is nigh!!!
Cheers all...Andy