Blog for saturday November 21th

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Sat 29 Nov 2008 12:50
A report from the 'fix-it' A-team watch (Sam, Adrian, Chris, Zoltan & Marc). Yes, unlike the 'break-it' bay watch we tend to repair things :-). Except of course for Dave who has excelled himself in the art of sail repair.

At last, this morning we gybed to the west at about 60 miles north of the Cape Verde islands and hoisted our 'Save the children' spinnaker. Fingers crossed that the repaired spinnaker pole holds - special thanks to the boy scouts way back in Adrians youth! This gives us extra speed and a heading directly to St Lucia so we can use the present excellent sailing weather.

Today, Zoltan & Peter on mother watch will provide us with 'excellent' boiled-in-the-bag meals. Yesterday some fish was seen fighting for the left-overs! We will try today the tuna lure for fishing since up to now we had to settle with 1 flying fish. Apparantly they require a clean deck to land. We will not give in.

For the rest everything is going smoothly, but one could mention the complaining of the girl members of bay watch regarding the noise of the flapping jib that could be heared in their luxury en-suite cabin.

At short word for our Belgian fans: super zeilen is echte zugghie leuk, maar die mosseltjes met frieten en dat pintje...miss you over there.
Todays reporter from EH-01 Marc.