Blogg Day10. 2/12/08.

Global Yacht Racing's EH01
Global Yacht Racing - sponsors: Caspian Services
Tue 2 Dec 2008 12:04
Position 15:16N 31:27W
Hi there blog fans, Adrian here taking time off from fixing to write your
daily (well nearly) blog from the good ship EH01. Day 10 and despite light
wind we are making good progress West and having got well down into the
tropics enjoying the sunshine and great climate. Having made our way down to
16 degrees to skirt the area of no wind we are now seeking those stronger
trades to drive us into St.Lucia. Spirits are high, in particular the boys
are happy, not having had to wash for 10 days let alone change their
underpants, and no one's even telling them off! Judging by the sweet smells
from the girls cabin they are trying to maintain some semblence of normal
hygene, or perhaps just trying to mask that distinctive 'sea toilet' aroma
from the en suite facilities. Dave the foredeck man has become Dave the
maintenance man, ably assisting Trish down below with all those little jobs
so necessary to keeping a highly tuned racing machine turning over. In fact
resident ships solicitor Chris has offered to re-negotiate his contract (on
a strictly no win no fee basis, of course) and is confident of at least
minimum wage, though skipper Adam was heard muttering even he doesn't get
THAT much. Meanwhile Zoltan the enigmatic Hungarian continues to see all and
say nothing, making copious notes and requiring signed verification of names
and addresses, we can only wonder to what use this information will be put?
Despite the light winds we are confident we are well placed in class and
with a number of boats forced to throw in the towel and others wallowing in
the wind hole to the North we are still looking for a good position on
arrival at St. Lucia, currently predicted to be late next week. With some
crew booked to fly out on Friday and others expecting family and friends to
arrive the message is hold tight to those bookings, we're hoping to arrive
on time and if you do arrive a day or so before us enjoy the caribbean
That's it for today, with a kiss from me to my special girls, and love from
all us on EH01 to all our families and friends, this is Adrian signing off
to go tweak a few sheets (make the boat go faster, not go to bed!).