Global Yacht Racing's EH01
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Sun 29 Nov 2009 20:14
Fresh Tuna or....Lamb stew with cus cus? Lamb stew it is then, although we nearly had a fish, we hooked it, we reeled it part way in but we didnt land it. Its fish 5 boat 0 but we battle on! Dave Van Dam Jackie 'The Chan' Collins was half off the back of the yacht with the enormous gaff we haved strapped to the back but we managed to prevent him doing too much damage to the gelcoat.
Yesterday was Roelands birthday which we celebrated with chocolate cake with candles (which didnt stay alight long on deck but its the thought that counts) We then made him walk the plank and towed him behind the yacht in his lifejacket for a couple of hours feet first as part of some kind of sick birthday initiation. The doc had to revive him when we finally got him back on board but he seems to have recovered well and thoroughly enjoyed himself it seems.
I spend regular time in the gimp-hole each day with a spanner and tub of vasaline making sure all is well greased and non chafed (steering gear.....) and so far so good.
Today saw a freshen up day as many of us broke out the fresh shorts and T's and Cara washed her hair in sea water (mad) thats it now until we get there so hold yer noses!
Until anon....
PS We didnt really tow Roeland, honest...