Log day 15 - trades!

Global Yacht Racing's EH01
Global Yacht Racing - sponsors: Caspian Services
Sun 5 Dec 2010 19:07
At last we are seeing the downwind sailing we have been expecting since day 1. The trades are establishing themselves nicely know and we have around 15 knots from the NE which should be woth us and maybe a little stonger for the rest of the way in.

Its bloody hot outside today, so hot thats its cooler downstairs, which is
saying something. We've got the masthead kite up, Will Robinson Racing wouldnt
accept anything smaller! I feel like an old woman; he wants the big stuff up
and push push push, I'm like 'ooh dunno about that bit risky might break
something' its quite an amusing dynamic. Still go large or go home as they
say so we have the biggest efin kite up and lets 'send it down wind' as
the nippers also say these days (I'm learning yoof sailin' lingo)

We cracked the 1000nm TG mark yesterday with 889nm left and speed building all the
time. We caught another fish, tuna this time, and Roly did the honours with the
bat whilst I held it and got blood splattered! This means we have well and truly blown last years dismal performance out of the water (sorry Dave) and with still 1 lure left may get another one before we land.

We also spotted another whale about 2 boat lengths to port. It didnt hang around though and as we came level dropped below the waves.

Talk very much on food and drink,or drink and food on arrival. Its still a few days away but 4 days seems like a walk in the park espiecally after the 15 we've been at sea already. Mustnt get complacent though as we do still have a lot of miles to cover and other boats to beat.

Thats about all for now. Position report still had us in 3rd in class but dropping back to 39th overall, lets hope we can make up that lost place and get back into 2nd in division.