Blog 27th Nov. surely we're there by now?

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Fri 27 Nov 2009 12:34
Hah! Not yet I reply (its like driving with the kids; "...are we there yet?") However we did pass a few of our milestones in the last 24hrs as at 0349 UTC this morning we completed our first 1000NM of the passage, which we celebrated with an apple each (or not as there arent any left) Additionally and perhaps more importantly for the crew and our race we did our first 24 hr kite run and flew it all night. What's the big deal? well for many it was the first night kite experience, plus when the moon goes there is nothing to steer by except instruments and 'feel' in quite large swell. We had a prep chat before we went for it and the trimming, helming and communications between the members of each watch has gone from strength to strength; they are now sailing the yacht and not just sitting on it! I still mention the trashed kite at regular intervals of course to ensure maximum mileage but at the end of the day its my fault as skipper for not coaching the guys well enough beforehand (dont tell them that though)
Thanks to Mr Bramble Berry for the top tips on kite anti-wrap devices, mine looks good so here's hoping it doesnt get tested.
Still no fish caught yet, I think its 3-0 to the fish with lures they've had but the battle continues!