LOG DAY 14 - Kites up...

Global Yacht Racing's EH01
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Sat 3 Dec 2011 20:24
Kites up finally. and down again periodically as we sail though a swathe of squalls generated by the trough near 60W, south of 20N. Still in between squalls the wind is around 17 to 18kts so we can get away with the 0.6 fractional runner and dont have to break out the whomper which caused the drivers so many issues earlier in the week.

A sustained squall saw the crew gathered on deck post kite drop for an impromptu group shower, however 'Wing Commander Bird' was caught a tad short when the tap turned off mid lather, much to the amusement of us all. Cries of "I'll swap you a bucket of water for your Rolex" and such like were heard. Needless to say that piece of footage (oh yeah, GOPRO action all the way) will be posted on YouTube ASAP.

The Wing Commander seems to be the only one so far to earn and keep a nickname (apart from Bertie One Design). His is on account of his piloting skills much reminiscent of early engagements over Berlin whilst flying his Lancaster bomber through heavy flak. Lets just say we all know who is on the wheel even when below; chocs away!

No fishing today. Fish have now been re designated Terrorists, no longer honoured combatants or even freedom fighters but the dirty T word. After all, how very dare they! attack us on our homeland! damage our property! the gall of it!! Flying fish are therefore by default suicide bombers but we will not weaken in our resolve to 'win the war on terror'.
Search and siezure powers have been granted and all the tins of tuna on board have been rounded up and put in a special cupboard and the labels removed without trial.
What we need are bigger rods, larger hooks, maybe a net! or even dynamite!! Take the battle to the buggers on our terms.
Even the seaweed crackers have been eyed with suspicion but they taste good and come in a special packet so are most likely OK.

So around 420 miles to go, eta either Monda PM or early Tuesday depending if the wind holds or the lighter stuff on the forecast comes in.

Andy (skipper, war correspondant)

Take 2 paracetomol and have an early night.....