LOG DAY 15 - Happy Birthday Wing Commander

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Mon 5 Dec 2011 13:01

'.....There we were, sailing accross the Atlantic.....'

Today is Wing Commander Birds 63rd birthday, so Happy Birthday Birdie! What a glorious day you have for it too; the skies have cleared up, sun's well and truly out, its stonkingly hot and we are sailing towards St Lucia.
It has to be said quite slowly as the wind is very light so VMG is about 3.9kts but at least we are going in the right direction. (VMG is velocity made good and roughly translated indicates how fast you go in the right direction bearing in mind this aint always possible given the nature of wind direction, points of sail etc)

Apart from that nothing to report as of yet today, it being only 0845 ships time, thats1245 GMT for you lot back in good old Blighty.
GMT is of course Greanwich Mean Time and the home of world times 'Prime Meridian' of Longitude. Now you wil hear some un patriotic souls refer to this as UT or universal time, or even Z or Zulu time. These are incorrect terms and we should stick to the right one namely Greanwhich.

We the British (or dare I say English as last time I looked Greanwhich was in London, but we'll go with Brtish as it annoys the Scots and Welsh) did after all invent Time and I see no reason why we should let some oik in Brussels tell us we can't have the PM in blighty just because the French insist they had it first in Gay Paris, or have the worlds last super power tell us to call it after an African warrior of some renown (the relavance of this escapes me entirely). I say thee nay sir! We didst invent it and we will not give it up espiecally on the whim of some confounded ex colonials!!

185.6NM to go to Pidgeon Island then hard left to the bar, its taken me 2.3NM to rght this blog.....ummm....185.5 to go now!

I'll come back later, maybe we'll get attacked by fish again or something.

Andy (skipper)