Position: Gibraltar

Global Yacht Racing's EH01
Global Yacht Racing - sponsors: Caspian Services
Sun 9 Nov 2008 07:52
A freezing night beckoned Sabs and I on deck at 0400 hours with a motorway
of container ships eastbound up our port side. Wearing everything she owns
Sabs reluctantly took the wheel from a frozen George and began a stint
shivering at the back of the boat. However, at least it isn't raining!!

We are 40 miles from Gibraltar so at least we shall be arriving in daylight
thank heavens.

After negotiating our way around a new unmarked ship wreck we entered Gibraltar at 1500 hours and somewhat surprisingly we passed our "oil rig" stalker that we had encountered some hours earlier sitting in the harbour. On closer inspection, as we sailed past it this time, our stalker turned out to be a crane type affair!

Anyway, entering our marina (which is located next to the Gibraltar runway) we berthed alongside P42 and with the temperature still low a hot shower and a glass of wine were the order of the day together with a meal with the other crew.

After a little debrief with my crew a plan was hatched for our time in Gibraltar to include maintenance, revitualling and refuelling with a departure day set for Sunday at 0900 hours.

(We arrived on Friday - my apologies for the delay in posting this note - it was sitting in my outbox!)

Em Pontin