Log Day 3 - Fish wars

Global Yacht Racing's EH01
Global Yacht Racing - sponsors: Caspian Services
Wed 24 Nov 2010 08:05
Its 2230 hrs on day 3 of the ARC 2010. The last couple of nights have been
really cool; warm weather, good breeze and a very full moon giving great
sailing conditions. Tonight isnt too shabby either although the wind is
dropping down now as we sail into the expected hole. We are still driving
very much east of the line south expecting the wind to drop then back at
which point we'll gybe over and start heading in the right direction. The
position reports show the expected split in the fleet (the ones we're
tracking anyway) so only time will tell if we have made the right decision
to go this way, it certainly is a long way south and east of where we would
normally have been headed.
In true EH01 fashion the ARC fish wars have begun! so far (and its early
days) its fish 2 boat 0, although I have my doubts about the first lure we
lost as I tied it on myself.....
0800 day 4 - OK so the wind has died, we where expecting it but its still a bummer. We've got 2 to 4 knots now and are making around 2.5 knots of boat speed. It should only take around 40 days at his rate....luck for us the wind is going to pick up... please!!Andy.