Log Day 4/5 - notes from the crew

Global Yacht Racing's EH01
Global Yacht Racing - sponsors: Caspian Services
Thu 25 Nov 2010 14:40
24-11-10 2340
Finally making some good speed after having been stuck in an area with no wind and the sea like a
mirror for far too many hours. Doing 6-7 knots reeching, with the wind coming in at an angle of
about 100 degrees so could get the spinnaker up again.

Even the creatures of the sea seem to agree with us and quarter to midnight we had three dolphins surfing
our bowwave. Beverlly first spotted them as they were approaching. As they were jumping they stirred
up the floruscent algies in the sea making the dolpins appear as swimming neon lights.

Say what you want about the Russian sailors, they can indeed big a bit unpolished. We have company of
two Russian merchant vessels who are exchanging, how shall we put it, pleasantries over the VHF.


25-11-10 0330
Port Watch has just been discussing the merits of Christmas. How to spice up the day?
For example when ones aunty or hated inlaw offers the 'You where on the christmas list' crappy present you should accept it, stare at it with distain then fling it back at her across the table.
Not finished you then pick up a roast potato, stand and throw it as hard as possible straight in the face.
The general looks and expressions of horror and outrage should be accompanied by your wild giggling as you exit the dining room enroute to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.


25-11-10 0930
We altered course during the night and started to head West, St Lucia her we come! We are now beating
but doing good speed and have figured out that the optimal speed for fishing is approx seven knots, hence
we have gone fishing. Luckily we have a keen and very skilled fisherman on board, Will who is also our 2ic.
I am not exagerating when I say it has taken us less than five minutes to get a fish on the hook. Getting
it on board is a slightly different story. The end of the story is that we have lost three lures so far and
still trying to sort out dinner. This means Will is busy below deck tying lures to the line and creating
weights of whatever he can find, can't use anything essential since we are likely to loose it.