End of El Nino

Erik Lindgren/Pia Hultgren
Mon 30 May 2016 09:30
19:03.33S 169:55.47W
I am quite convinced that El Nino is over for this time.
From beginning of April until now, the end of May the transition to neutral condition has taken place.
Since the Caribbean sea (in January) we have had sea surface temperatures (SST) above 30 deg C almost all time and everywhere.
Sometimes up to 32 at sea!
For a very short time the cold Humbolt current gave us 27 outside Panama, but even that were around 3 degrees above normal.
Last time I had reasonable Internet I checked an overview chart over the SST anomalies in the Pacific. That was around 15 May.
Then we still had an 300 Nm wide area with positive anomalies stretching about from the Society islands NW towards the Cook islands.
This area was decreasing and we discovered half way between Suwarrow and Niue the SST dropped 4 degrees!
The direct effect for us is that the average day and night temperature we have around us has decreased. Living in a boat 3-4 degrees makes a huge difference to the comfort. Also the weather pattern will go back to normal so we can expect more pure trade wind situation with scattered squalls every now and then.
It is really nice to freeze sometimes again.
Believe it or not!
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