Nightwatch at Southern Pacific

Erik Lindgren/Pia Hultgren
Wed 2 Mar 2016 07:00
05:50.90S 102:03.70W
Hrs 01.40
Magic night!
Tonight we are sailing under the Milky way with all shining stars looking at Sirit on the large blue ocean.
This night-watch is dry with smoth winds from 100 deg bringing us forward in 6-7 knots. Beautiful sailing!
It is like being one with heaven.
The half-moon have just risen like a happy mounth, Jupiter follow us right now in zenit.
I just identified the Southern cross which is very clear and special for us from the far North to see!
Last night was all black with heavy rain and we were motoring, rolling on in the swell with too weak wind.
The night whatches can obviously be like different night and day!
Sail on!