Window sail

Erik Lindgren/Pia Hultgren
Sun 20 Mar 2016 23:19
15:00.69S 147:46.51W
Some years ago it was common to have a see-through patch on your dinghy- or windsurfing sail. Very clever, because you suddenly were able to see what’s happening in front of the boat.
During our last week at sea we have tried this invention on Spirit’s main sail.
Well, the point is not that clear here in the middle of Southern Pacific. Not so much happens in front of the sail –only maybe an interesting cloud. But almost some blue sky shine through.
To be serious, we already knew this weak part of the main leaving Las Palmas.
A new main has been ordered through Eivind (who sailed with us from Saint Lucia to Galapagos) and will be delivered to Tahiti in a couple of weeks. Eivind is representing the Italian sailmaker One Sails in Sweden.
So for some hundreds Nm more this old main have to carry us with the wind!
Todays soundtrack:
“Vem kan segla för utan stor...”
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