Annoucement from a king

Erik Lindgren/Pia Hultgren
Mon 15 Feb 2016 15:33
01.21:69N 86:27.81W
Good morning!
We are having fantastic sailing through the Panama basin in the Pacific on our way to Galapagos. If the wind stays reasonable good we expect to arrive before dark tomorrow.
The night was star bright with Orion and all the other guiding us. The sea is now settled and with 10-15 Kt wind we are sailing so well in 9-10 knots with our Code sail.
Yesterday evening, just after sunset we got an announcement. A dolphin had left a note from a king who wants to visit us.
His name is Neptun. We are supposed to meet him in bathing clothes on deck when we are crossing the Equator.
Neptun has already met Lena so he will communicate through her.
Erik, Eivind and Pia has never crossed the equator and we are so exited!
Spirit is now getting prepaired to meet a king.
Eivind is at the helm,
Erik cleaning Spirit with freshwater, Lena is polishing the bathrooms and Pia prepair “Sweden” with some needlework and washing.
Yes, we are getting further and further away!
Everything is well on board and we are not forgetting you.
So, stay tuned!

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